ARTIFICIAL LEATHER : pvc & pu combines a coating layer is called a skin and a layer of pvc foam and pu that is coated on fabric the product obtained in this way has the same look and feel of natural leather and on the other hand cheaper artificial leather and has its own advantages.cover comprehensive approach is the most common method for the production of artificial leather.pvc artificial leather whether and what type of pu has an immense variety of designs such as leather,color leather,thick leather,cloth type and quality.

GEOMEMBRANE : it is proper for use in a types of pools.to install the geomembrane is no need for extra infrastructure.only soft soil compacted geomembrane is sufficient to bed.the geomembrane sheets can be used to re-insulated vertical wall of concrete and cement ponds used.

Shahin Plastic Manufacturing Co. is also a manufacturer of geomembrane sheets which is widely used in different sectors:
1- Moisture isolation of tunnels
2- Coating soil pools for water storage (agriculture, poultry and animal husbandry)
3. Coating water cisterns and closed tanks (storage tanks of rural drinking water, poultry water storage facilities and so on)
4. Re-isolating cement and reinforced concrete pools by geomembrane sheet in order to reduce permeability and increase operating efficiency.
5. Coating ponds and artificial lakes
6. Isolation of fish, shrimp, and other aquatics breeding farm pools
7. Coating petroleum and chemical tanks (such as mine-clearing pools, industrial oil storage tanks)
8. Coating water transmission, sewage, and drainage channels


1.pool geomembrane implementation costs in comparison with stone or cement concrete pools.

2.Much less than the construction time of geomembrane pools concrete pools.

3.Higher in comparison with other conventional insulated cover.

4.Pliable moss and algae on the botton of the pool wall with geomembrane lining,so that it is quite standard for drinking water storage tanks are common.

5.high resistance to enviromental factors(such as sunlight,frost,etc) as well as biological agents


Although geomembrane sheets used for insulation storage pool water,but these products have many applications in industry,agriculture and animal husbandry plays such as follows :

1.Cover and earthen ponds for water storage(Agriculture,poultry,ranching)

2.Cover cisterns and tanks sealed(rural drinking water reservoirs,water stronge poultry and other like them)

3.Cement and concrete pools are re-insulated geomembrane sheets to reduce infiltration and increase operational efficiency.

4.Coating wetlands and artificial lakes.

5.Insulated fish farms and shrimp and other aquatic.

6.Tanks for oil and chemical coating(such as ponds leach mining,oil storage tanks,industrial)

7.Coating the channels of water,sewage drainage water.


FLOORING: flooring made of pvc or plastic on the other hand ,its advantages is that it is washable.flooring in the dimensions of the rectangle 15 cm wide and 90 cm length are available on the market.install flooring to attach to the floor.flooring has a thickness of 2 or 3 mm respectively.floor covering takes more time than laminated.consultants for office space and commercial flooring that requires constant washing.flooring in homes is usually installed in kitchens that there always is the possibility of falling water.immediately after covering can be but toys on it. The price flooring is cheaper than laminated.however,due to the expensive installation fees and in fars tructure,ultimately the final price and laminated flooring are very close.





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